Welcome to The Windmill’s new normal #999.

New month, new rules! Here’s what to expect from the 19th July!

  • Face masks are now voluntary. You’re more than welcome to continue to wear one if preferred. If you’d like our staff to wear a face covering whilst serving you, please let us know.
  • You can stand at the bar!! Whilst we’re excited to be able to allow customers to sit at the bar, we do ask that the area doesn’t become over crowded.
  • Outside dining. We will be continuing to serve drinks in plastic glasses however food will now be served on proper plates, with real cutlery. How exciting!
  • Ordering food & drinks for outdoor dining. When the sun is shining & on busy days a member of the team will continue to take food & drink orders from the garden. However, you are more than welcome to pop into the pub and order your food at the bar. Cutlery stations are provided both in the pub and out in the garden.
  • The maze is now OPEN!! Woo!!

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us over the past 18 months. We’re delighted to be able to edge a few steps closer to being back to the old Windmill however; the safety of our hard working team and loyal customers is still very much a priority.

We will be regularly updating our social media and website. Please be kind. We do not tolerate any rudeness towards our staff.

Pete, Jane & Team Windmill

All menus are subject to chance seasonally. Please note that our Sunday menu will change weekly due to stock and seasonal specials.

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For any information please call or go to our Facebook page or Instagram for weekly menus!

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